Kendall Kay: Setting Style to the Max

Photo of Kendall's photo shoot with Model Launcher. (Photo credit: Model Launcher Cosmetics)
Photo of Kendall’s photo shoot with Model Launcher. (Photo credit: Model Launcher Cosmetics)

Post by Sonia Solorzano

I wrote a feature story about the growing success of a fashion blogger from Bakersfield. The story idea came to me when I was scrolling through my Instagram. I realized that every photo that blogger Gloria Sanchez would post, grabbed my attention in some way. She simply intrigued me and I wished to know more about her. I thought, “she would be a great subject for my Comm 206 feature story assignment.” She lives in Bakersfield, so I knew of her in high school. We also have mutual friends, so I knew it would be easy to contact her and get an interview.

She invited me to her house in Oildale to conduct the interview, which turned out to be fun. She lead me to the backyard where a couple of dusty chairs and a table were waiting for us. Her pet rabbit, named Red Rabbit, was hopping along in the grass. The interview began with a laugh, because she suddenly realized that she was missing a fake eyelash. She was getting ready to go to work right after the interview, so I must have caught her in the middle of it. She was very expressive in her words, so it flowed very smoothly. Its funny how even with all of the different ways to find information on a person these days, we still will never know them completely. The interview allowed her to reveal a lot about her life, that I never knew about. I believe that this made her much more relatable to her fans and also to myself. We talked about her work, which can be found in the following links:

For the full feature story, click on the link below:

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